Leica Ghost Edition

I worked with Leica to design and bring to market a limited edition camera for HODINKEE.

The Leica Ghost Edition for HODINKEE

As a photographer myself, working with Leica was a dream project. You can jump straight into the live web experience that I designed or continue below to learn more about the camera design process and the marketing campaign.

I started by creating product renderings in photoshop to illustrate the Ghost camera concept. Then I selected Pantone paint colors for the body and lens as well as a complimentaty grey leather wrap leather wrap material for the body. The Leica “Ghost” edition takes inspiration from what is known in the vintage watch world as a “Ghost Bezel.” The term refers to the coloring of an old watch bezel that has faded from black to grey over time. They grey falls nicely in line with the Hodinkee brand and offers a more discrete tool for street photographers who prefer to go unoticed.

The ghostly limited edition Leica camera for HODINKEE.

Once we had a camera prototype, my coworker left for Italy to shoot the campaign. I started building the marketing page taking cues from the snowy landscapes.

To demonstrate what it’s actually like to look through the viewfinder of the Leica M10P Ghost Edition, I took several macro photos capturing both the lens obstruction and the camera’s framelines. From there I was able to extract an accurate overlay that could be shown over the video footage. The video footage was shot from a hellicopter in the Italian Alps and then the whole thing was composited as an interactive experience in code.

The Leica Ghost Edition for Hodinkee was limited to 250 cameras each retailing for $14,995. While camera's have long since sold out, you can still view the product page and the marketing page we developed for them.