Hodinkee Insurance

A modern insurance app that drastically simplifies watch insurance.

In an industry riddled with red tape, I designed efficient pathways to reduce friction and make watch insurance fast and easy. After immersing myself in the complexities of the insurance world, I was able to I better navigate it's many legal restrictions allowing users to insure their watches in as few steps as possible.

The requirements for account creation can vary based on location, collection value, and insurance history so I made it my goal to tailor the onboarding experience to each individual user. Asking a series of basic questions upfront allowed us to eliminate all the irrelevent steps for that user. Establishing this simplied flow increases user acquisition and greatly boosts revenue potential.

Our research showed that collectors wanted to insure their watches but the process was so cumbersome that many delayed the task and never completed it.


Initial feedback has been very positive with some customers saying saying things like “Literally took more effort to order a pizza than it did to set up watch insurance” and “It’s just fast.”

If you need watch insurance and want to avoid the hassle you can use our Hodinkee Insurance app to get a quote and sign up in just a few minutes.