Rapid Bootstrap keeps it simple

For quite a while I've been looking for a simple responsive web framework. After using Twitter's Bootstrap and Zurb's Foundation, I was desperate to find a solution without all the bloat. I didn't want or need all the features and built in styles that many frameworks offered.

What I found was Rapid Bootstrap by Niklaus Gerber. Rapid Bootstrap is a simplified, typography focused responsive framework with an easy to use grid system. It uses limited and generic css allowing you to easily make it your own. Just like the Kirby CMS, Rapid Bootstrap doesn't get in your way. Adding it to my site was painless and easy.

The original Rapid Bootstrap offered a small selection of form styles taken from the flat UI toolkit. The latest version removes these extra styles to to focus on typography and layout alone which is exactly what I need. You can find V3 here: Rapid Bootstrap V3.

Here are some other options that I looked into: